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White Tea
Sold per lb.
From 2013; notes of orange rind and spice
Savory and sweet flavor; vegetal aroma
Smooth, apricot notes with a velvety mouthfeel
Green Tea
Sold per lb. (except where noted)
Comforting Japanese green tea with roasted rice
High-grade Japanese tea with intense sweetness
Roasted Japanese twig tea; nutty overtones
Hand-rolled, flower-scented Chinese green tea
Traditional-style powdered green tea from Japan
Soft, fruity Japanese green; bright and bittersweet
Round, sweet Chinese green tea
Oolong Tea
Sold per lb.
Greenish oolong; sweet flavor and lilac aroma
Balanced roast, notes of caramel and peanut
Taiwanese roasted twig tea; light, maple-sap notes
Black Tea
Sold per lb.
Traditional Indian tea; strong, full-bodied, malty
Our English Breakfast; brisk, balanced, bright
Light-bodied, notes of violet and alfalfa
Nutty and sweet black tea
Single estate Ceylon tea hand-scented with bergamot
Fruity and fragrant Nepalese tea
Rich, earthy black tea from China
Chai Tea
Sold per lb.
Assam tea mixed with spices and cacao nibs
Assam tea blended with fragrant spices; full-flavored
Caffeine-free mix of rooibos, cardamom, clove
Spicy blend of peppercorns, allspice and Assam
Keemun and Yunnan black teas, saffron, exotic spices
Pu-Erh Tea
Sold per lb. (except where noted)
Flavorful, full-bodied, post-fermented; 2012 (shu)
Herbacious notes of walnut, spice; 2013 (sheng)
Compressed cake, woody and earthy; 2012 (shu)
Sold per lb.
Golden infusion; honey, apple notes
Earthy and spicy whole flowers from China
Small yellow blossoms with a rich, savory flavor
Fragrant blend of mint and French lavender
Warming, honey-sweet blend of lemongrass, ginger
Full leaves from Morocco with intense citrus flavor
Delicate floral aroma; honey, fruity taste
Mellow flavor with sage notes; grown in Greece
Peppery, sweet Greek flower with hints of thyme
Bright, refreshing, aromatic infusion
Rich flavors of vanilla and honey; from South Africa
Tart and sweet blend of hibiscus, lemon verbena
Iced Tea & Chai Concentrate
Sold per case (preportioned packets)
Brisk, classic black iced tea
Refreshing, nutty Chinese green tea blend
Full-bodied, rich and smooth (shu)
Aromatic, refreshing iced herbal
Tart and sweet iced hibiscus blend
Assam tea with fragrant spices
Tea Bags
Sold per case. With outer wraps (50 teabags) or without outer wraps (100 teabags)
strong, malty breakfast tea from India
black tea flavored with fragrant bergamot
light bodied black tea from India
fragrant spices blended with Indian Assam tea
aromatic, floral rolled tea from Taiwan
flower-scented classic Chinese tea
comforting Japanese green tea with roasted rice
calming, golden infusion with honey notes
aromatic, sweet and soothing
sweet and soothing lemongrass-ginger mix
fragrant leaves with intense citrus flavor
South African redbush infusion
sweet-tart herbal blend with hibiscus and lemon verbena
black plastic; 8” tall, 4” diameter
with plastic push-down seal; 6” tall, 4” diameter
unbleached paper; large size
white cotton with envelope fold; small size
stainless steel teaspoon
teaware cleaning powder; 500 grams
with stainless steel and mesh filter lid; 5” tall, 3.5” wide; 13.5 ounces
white ceramic with attached metal lid and metal infuser basket; 3.5” tall, 7” wide; 16 ounces
stainless steel and silicone; various colors; 3.25” tall, 4.25” wide
with stainless steel infuser basket; 3.75” tall, 7” wide; 10 ounces
bamboo; 7” long, 0.5“ wide
bamboo; 4.5” tall, 2.25” diameter