Wholesale Order Form

Contact Name
Contact Name
WHITE TEA sold per lb
Aged White Peony
White Peony Bai Mu Dan
Silver Needle
GREEN TEA sold per lb (except where noted)
Jasmine Pearls
Matcha Wakatake (500g)
Sencha Fukamushi
Zhejiang Green
OOLONG TEA sold per lb
Tung Ting
Wood Dragon
BLACK TEA sold per lb
Ceylon Orange Pekoe
Darjeeling 1st Flush Thurbo Estate
Darjeeling 2nd Flush Goomtee Estate
Earl Grey
Himalayan Black
Mao Feng Black
CHAI TEA sold per lb
Cacao Chai
Classic Chai
Crimson Chai
Masala Chai
Thai Chai
PU-ERH TEA sold per lb (except where noted)
Pu-erh Leaf
Pu-erh Mao Cha
Menghai Hui Wei (380g)
HERBAL sold per lb
Lavender Mint
Lemon Ginger
Lemon Verbena
Mt. Olympus
Scarlet Glow
ICED TEA & CHAI CONCENTRATE sold per case (preportioned packets)
Iced Ceylon OP Black
Iced Green
Iced Mint
Iced Pu-erh
Iced Scarlet Glow
Iced Classic Chai
TEABAGS sold per case: with outer wraps (50 teabags) or without outer wraps (100 teabags)
English Breakfast Assam Teabags
Earl Grey Teabags
Darjeeling 2nd Flush Teabags
Classic Chai Teabags
Nantou Oolong Teabags
Jasmine Pearls Teabags
Genmaicha Teabags
Chamomile Teabags
Mint Teabags
Lemon Ginger Teabags
Lemon Verbena Teabags
Rooibos Teabags
Scarlet Glow Teabags
Airtight Storage Canister
black plastic; 8” tall, 4” diameter
Evak Glass Canister
with plastic push-down seal; 6” tall, 4” diameter
Finum Paper Filters (100 count)
unbleached paper; large size
Cotton Tea Bags (60 count)
white cotton with envelope fold; small size
Tea Scoop
stainless steel teaspoon
Tea Clean
teaware cleaning powder; 500 grams
Glass Infuser
with stainless steel and mesh filter lid; 5” tall, 3.5” wide; 13.5 ounces
Restaurant Teapot
white ceramic with attached metal lid and metal infuser basket; 3.5” tall, 7” wide; 16 ounces
In-Mug Infuser with Lid
stainless steel and silicone; various colors; 3.25” tall, 4.25” wide
Side-Handle Glass Teapot
with stainless steel infuser basket; 3.75” tall, 7” wide; 10 ounces
Matcha Scoop
bamboo; 7” long, 0.5“ wide
Matcha Whisk
bamboo; 4.5” tall, 2.25” diameter