White Narcissus

White Narcissus


This full, sweet white tea is distinguished by its unusual cultivar: shui xian, or narcissus. A deeply fragrant variety well-known in Wuyi oolong production, these large leaves also yield deep flavor when less processed—just picked and air-dried, as with a typical White Peony. Organically grown south of the Wuyi Mountains, in the native region of the shui xian cultivar, this tea shines with a refreshing aroma of bamboo and alfalfa, and a creamy, slightly spicy flavor.

As with all white peony-style teas, the leaf is very voluminous; try a few tablespoons per serving, and prepare with water below boiling (~180° F) to maintain its distinctive sweetness.

Country: China
Region: Fujian Province
Tasting Notes: alfalfa, sweet hay, creamy
Year of Production: Spring 2018

2 oz

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