Silver Needle

Silver Needle


The new growth of the tea plant has the finest flavor and fragrance, so this style of white tea—comprised completely of individual leaf buds—is justifiably prestigious. It’s handpicked in early spring, when the pale silver buds are still covered in fine downy hair, and originated in Fujian Province.

This version, made from the traditional Da Bai Hao cultivar, hails from Yunnan Province; note the softly sweet, haylike fragrance and smooth flavor of almond and apricot. With its velvety texture, this is a cup to enjoy at any time of the day, especially for White Peony fans.

To maintain white tea's natural sweetness, infuse with water below boiling (180°-185°F).

Country: China
Region: Yunnan Province
Tasting Notes: sweet hay, apricot, almond
Year of Production: Spring 2017

2 oz

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