Aged White Peony

Aged White Peony


A new way to enjoy an old style of tea: aged. This lot of White Peony Bai Mudan was produced in the traditional, sun-dried manner in Fujian Province in 2013, and has been carefully stored since then.

Note how the leaves and liquor have darkened over time; the classic sweet, crisp vegetal notes have also matured into a deeper cup, with an intense aroma of sweet hay and apples. The velvety texture reveals notes of bok choi stem and a lingering, orange rind finish.

As with all Bai Mudan, this tea is very voluminous; try a few tablespoons per serving, and prepare with water below boiling (180° F) to maintain its distinctive sweetness.

Country: China
Region: Fujian
Tasting Notes: sweet hay, bok choi stem, orange rind
Year of Production: Spring 2013

2 oz

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