Glass Gaiwan (5 oz)

Glass Gaiwan (5 oz)


A gaiwan is one of the most ancient and effective tea steeping vessels. It is ideal for everyday tea drinking or for more formal gongfu cha style service.

The body, or wan, evolved from the simple bowl originally used to hold powdered tea. The wide shape allows the leaves to expand and release their full potential of aromas and flavors while the fluted edge stays cool, enabling one to grasp and pour. The lid, or gai ("to cover"), is essential as a strainer; tilted open, it allows the infusion to be decanted while holding back the tea leaves.

Gaiwans come in many shapes and sizes; most are made of nonporous glazed porcelain or bone china, to effectively steep any type of tea without taking on any aroma. This airy glass version works particularly well with green and white teas.

Measures 3.25" H, 4" W

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