Tung Ting

Tung Ting


This high mountain oolong is grown at elevations around 2,500 feet, in Nantou County in central Taiwan. The leaves are medium oxidized, in the more traditional Tung Ting style, and then charcoal roasted. In this winter harvest lot, the tightly rolled balls unfurl with a sweet scent of raspberry jam and a deep caramel flavor, offering a comforting balance of dark roasted notes with a fresh sweetness. The copper color of the liquor lasts through many infusions.

Compare Tung Ting to the more lightly oxidized Nantou Four Seasons — produced in the same region — to gain appreciation of how processing times affect oolongs’ flavor and fragrance.

Country: Taiwan
Region: Nantou County
Tasting Notes: raspberry jam, caramel, wood
Year of Production: Winter 2015

2 oz

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