Shui Xian

Shui Xian


The birthplace of Wuyi teas, in northern Fujian Province, is a dramatic landscape of rocky mountains. Rich, highly oxidized oolongs have been made there since the 1500s and undergo a labor-intensive process of rolling and slowly drying, requiring careful monitoring throughout. A multi-stage cycle of roasting is the final step in production. 

This particular cultivar (shui xian) has thin, delicate, tightly rolled leaves. After rinsing, a complex, bright, aroma of grapefruit marmalade is released. A light caramel and citrus flavor lasts through multiple infusions, leaving a characteristic sweet, lingering aftertaste.

Country: China
Region: Fujian Province
Tasting Notes: citrus, dark caramel, roasty
Year of Production: Spring 2014

2 oz

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