Sencha Fukamushi

Sencha Fukamushi


This standout Japanese green tea is organically grown on a family-owned farm in Shizuoka, south of Mt. Fuji. The leaves are steamed longer than usual, a process known as fukamushi; this produces a coarser leaf shape, with fine particles, as the plant fibers are more softened. The resulting bright green liquor and sweet taste come from the yabukita cultivar, one of the most popular types used to make sencha in Japan.

The aroma is wonderfully fruity, with notes of fresh apple; the flavor, more rounded than a typical sencha, with a well-balanced finish. While we prefer it prepared with the traditional lower water temperature (170° F), this tea maintains sweetness even with boiling water.

Country: Japan
Region: Shizuoka
Tasting Notes: fruity, apple, soft
Year of Production: Spring 2016

4 oz

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