Pu-erh Mao Cha

Pu-erh Mao Cha


This style of looseleaf sheng or green pu-erh — similar to a rough green tea — is the base for all pu-erh, the aged, fermented category that is produced exclusively in Yunnan Province, China. 

Made in 2013, this lot hails from Ba Nuo, in the Mengku region; its prominent spice and walnut flavors are balanced by herbacious notes. The aroma is rich and fruity. 

Steep with water just under boiling; rinse leaves quickly before the first infusion, and enjoy multiple short steeps from the same leaves. A smoother flavor appears in later infusions.

Country: China
Region: Yunnan Province
Tasting Notes: spice, bitter walnut, herbaceous
Year of Production: 2013

2 oz

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