Pu-erh Bingcha Sampler

Pu-erh Bingcha Sampler


Taste a range of pu-erhs from Yunnan Province, China, home to the oldest tradition of tea! From the initial sun-drying of the leaves, to compression into a disk or cake form, to the intentional aging period, pu-erh is a unique category. Over time, the flavor and fragrances mellow and deepen; the leaves can be infused a dozen or more times.

We've made four of our most popular sheng (green) bingchas available as a sampler set: now you can taste across two different mountains, Banzhai and Daxue, from two different years of production, 2009 and 2008. Or give as a gift to your favorite tea connoisseur!

Contains 1/2 oz (14 g) each looseleaf from four bingchas: Blessed Forever Banzhai, Blessed Forever Daxue, Tsunami Banzhai, and Tsunami Daxue. 

Steep with water just under boiling (195–200° F); rinse leaves quickly before the first infusion, and enjoy multiple cups from the same leaves.

Country: China
Region: Yunnan

14 g (x 4)

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