Nantou Four Seasons Teabags

Nantou Four Seasons Teabags


Our same high quality, traditionally made looseleaf tea is now available in convenient, preportioned teabags!

These large teabags are made from a plant-based material, and electrostatically sealed- which means unlike most mass-market teabags no plastic, glue or staples are used in production. The ample bag size and generous dose of looseleaf tea allows for a rich, full-flavored infusion.

This box contains twelve individually wrapped teabags of oolong made from a cultivar that can be harvested year-round- Si Ji Chun, which means four seasons like spring. It’s grown in mountainous Nantou County, Taiwan, which is in the central part of the island. The hand-picked leaves are lightly oxidized and rolled into ball shapes. When infused, a lush lilac aroma is immediately released; as the leaves open through multiple infusions, a prominent honey-sweet flavor and fresh green note linger.

One of most popular oolongs for many years, the well-balanced, full flavor offers a wonderful introduction to the category.

Country: Taiwan
Region: Nantou County
Tasting Notes: fragrant, lilac, sweet
Year of Production: Winter 2015

12 individually wrapped sachets

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