Lapsang Souchong - Reserve Lot

Lapsang Souchong - Reserve Lot


Grown in the Wuyi Mountain area of Fujian Province, on old plants, these wiry jet-black leaves are not blended with lesser teas from other regions, as is the current custom. The characteristic taste and aroma are due to great care during the smoking process, in which the leaves are placed in bamboo trays over a pine wood fire.

This results in a tea that is far more subtle and refined than other versions, with a sweet, dark-chocolate note of Chinese black tea beneath hints of smoke and strawberry. The long finish holds up through a few infusions. Lapsang is thought to be one of the first styles of black tea.

Country: China
Region: Fujian
Tasting Notes: pine, strawberry, smoke
Production Date: Spring 2015

2 oz

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