Jingmai Brick

Jingmai Brick

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This large brick, made on a small family farm on Jingmai Mountain in 2004, is a traditional compressed form of pu-erh. Comprised of both shu and sheng style leaves, the flavor offers an intriguing balance between lightly earthy and warming, and pleasantly fresh and tart. It's rounded from the first cup, with a sweet aroma of clay and rose that lasts through many infusions. Subtle notes of wood and orange peel linger, making this a balanced, easy-to-drink pu-erh.

To brew, gently unwrap the covering and flake off a small portion of the brick; rinse tea leaves briefly in boiling water. Enjoy multiple cups from the same leaves, tracing the arc of flavor and fragrance through each.

Country: China
Region: Yunnan Province
Tasting Notes: rose, wood, balanced
Year of Production: 2004

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