High Mountain Shan Lin Xi Roasted

High Mountain Shan Lin Xi Roasted


This high mountain oolong is grown at elevations over 4,500 feet on Shan Lin Xi, a pine-forested peak in central Taiwan. The cool weather and frequent fog lead to slow leaf growth, allowing its distinctive balsam notes to develop. When brewed, the tightly rolled leaves unfurl with a sweet, resinous aroma and hints of ripe plums and roasted chestnut. A roast adds light caramel flavor to this tea's characteristic floral profile — slightly darker than previous lots, it’s a wonderful pick for this season.

Infuse the leaves multiple times to savor the rich, velvety texture of this exquisite tea.

Country: Taiwan

Region: Nantou County
Character: pine, plum, chestnut
Year of Production: Fall 2015

2 oz

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