High Mountain Li Shan

High Mountain Li Shan


Taiwanese high mountain tea, or gao shan, is well known for its rich, complex aromas and flavors that last through multiple infusions. This winter harvest lot hails from Cui Luan, in central Taiwan’s Li Shan mountain range — one of the most prestigious production areas. 

These dark emerald leaves are hand-harvested at elevations around 6,200 feet, and are only lightly oxidized (about 15%) during processing. When brewed, the carefully rolled balls open with a sumptious magnolia and buttery fragrance, and sweet taste of pine and lemon. Steep the same leaves many times to explore the rich arc of taste in this oolong.

Country: Taiwan
Region: Nantou County
Tasting Notes: magnolia, butter, lemon
Year of Production: Winter 2015

2 oz

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