Moon-Shaped Shu Bingcha

Moon-Shaped Shu Bingcha


This shu (black) pu-erh is from Jinggu, a little-known area outside of Simou, Yunnan. Produced in 2010, the compressed mini bingcha (100 g) shape is a great introduction to this style of pu-erh; packed in a metal tin, it's also perfect for traveling. The dry peaty taste and light eucalyptus aroma lasts through several infusions. Enjoy some now, and set aside the rest to age—the flavor will evolve over time as the tea leaves continue to ferment.

Steep with boiling water; rinse leaves quickly before the first infusion, and enjoy multiple cups from the same leaves.

Country: China
Region: Yunnan
Tasting Notes: dry peat, earth, eucalyptus
Year of Production: 2010


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