Jingmai Brick 2017

Jingmai Brick 2017


This dense brick, made on a small family farm on Jingmai Mountain in 2017, is made of pu-erh tea, an aged and fermented type from Yunnan Province, China. Picked in the spring from the surrounding old trees, the large leaves are processed in the traditional sheng, or green, style and then compressed. Steam the entire brick for about 10-15 minutes before flaking off small portions for brewing.

Drink it now to enjoy light, floral notes of stone fruit and white pepper, which deepen to woody minerality over multiple infusions; or set aside to age for more complexity. Try it alongside the 2004 Jingmai Brick for an illuminating taste of how pu-erh can evolve over time.

Country: China
Region: Yunnan Province
Tasting Notes: stone fruit, white pepper, wood
Year of Production: 2017

1 kg

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