Jindamo Golden Dharma Bingcha

Jindamo Golden Dharma Bingcha


This sheng or green pu-erh cake was produced in 2017 with a blend of leaves from Jingmai, Monsong, Bulong, Banjian and Bingdao—five historic production areas in Yunnan.

A strong, fruity aroma blossoms after an initial rinse of the leaves; a crisp, clear flavor with a pleasant bitterness, reminiscent of artichoke and dandelion, follows. Note the heavy and sweet mouth-coating effect throughout several infusions, along with the complex, thick aroma of musk in the empty cup.

Slightly larger (500 g) than a traditional bingcha, this tea is best enjoyed with water just off a boil (190°-200°F).

Country: China
Region: Yunnan
Tasting Notes: crisp, dandelion, artichoke
Year of Production: Spring 2017

500 g

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