Blessed Forever Daxue Bingcha

Blessed Forever Daxue Bingcha


This green (sheng) pu-erh comes from Daxue, or Snow Mountain, in the Lincang region of Yunnan. The leaf is from large, old trees grown at a high altitude, and they were compressed into this traditional bingcha shape in 2009. Commemorating the 60th anniversary of the PRC, the design on the wrapping paper hails from a Han dynasty roof tile.

The pleasantly vegetal flavor, with notes of sweet hay and sour plum, will gain complexity over time. Steep with water just under boiling (195–200° F); rinse leaves quickly before the first infusion, and enjoy multiple cups from the same leaves. 

Note: total weights of compressed pu-erhs can vary slightly over time, due to shifts in climate/storage.

Country: China
Region: Yunnan
Tasting Notesbalanced, sweet hay, sour plum
Year of Production2009

380 g

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