Tieguanyin Deep Roast

Tieguanyin Deep Roast


One of the oldest and most famous oolongs, Tieguanyin has been made since the 1800s. First produced in Fujian, China, and characterized by a deep roasting process, the style of this tea has since evolved over the years. Now often less roasted and more floral–and produced in other areas, notably in northern Taiwan–this Tieguanyin pays tribute to the original profile.

Harvested on Ali Shan, in central Taiwan, in October 2016, the leaves were allowed to oxidize about 35% during shaping. The firing process was extended over several months, with a final roast in April 2017. The classic aroma of peach is joined by sweet notes of lily; flavors of cedar and charcoal, with a finish of dark caramel, round out the cup. Infuse many times to experience the depth of this full-bodied oolong.

Country: Taiwan
Region: Nantou
Tasting Notes: peach, lily, charcoal
Year of Production: Fall 2016

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