Phoenix Honey Mi Lan Xiang

Phoenix Honey Mi Lan Xiang


Wu Dong Mountain, in Guangdong Province, China, is known for its ancient terraced slopes and tree-sized tea plants that produce solely phoenix oolongs. This tea, from the honey orchid (mi lan xiang) dancong varietal, hails from a small family farm.

The craftsmanship is apparent in the consistent-size leaves, which are finely twisted and release a rich, sweet fragrance of nectar; the balanced, floral-woody flavor has lingering notes of frangipani and orange marmalade.

Prepare with water just off a boil, as the producer does, or experiment with a slightly lower temperature (~190° F) if desired. Infuse the same leaves multiple times to fully explore this exquisite tea.

Country: China
Region: Guangdong Province
Tasting Notes: nectar, wood, orange marmalade
Year of Production: Spring 2016

2 oz

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