Oriental Beauty

Oriental Beauty


This oolong tea begins to wither while still on the bush because of a unique natural process: small insects bite the edges of the leaf, causing a change in the plants’ chemical composition that results in an intoxicating fragrance that makes this oolong so prized. Originally developed to emulate Darjeeling tea, it’s well known for this distinctive honey-sweet aroma, high level of oxidation, and its completely organic production—any pesticide use would disrupt the process.

This lot, which hails from an award-winning producer in northwestern Taiwan, boasts tropical notes of passionfruit and ripe raspberry. Take the rich brown leaves through several steepings, using water slightly below boiling; the dense, smooth flavor will linger.

Country: Taiwan
Region: Hsinchu County
Tasting Notes: honey, rose, raspberry
Year of Production: Summer 2019

2 oz

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