Nantou Four Seasons

Nantou Four Seasons

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This oolong is made from a cultivar that can be harvested year-round—si ji chun, which means four seasons like spring. It’s grown in mountainous Nantou County, Taiwan, which is in the central part of the island. The hand-picked leaves are oxidized about 15% and rolled into ball shapes; a final light baking yields to a powerful fragrance, nectar-sweet and floral. As the leaves unfurl through multiple infusions, creamy flavors of pine and a fresh green note linger.

This well-balanced, popular tea is a wonderful introduction to the oolong category.

Also available in teabags.

Country: Taiwan
Region: Nantou County
Tasting Notes: creamy, nectar, floral
Year of Production: Spring 2019

4 oz or 1 lb

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