High Mountain Dragon Phoenix Gorge

High Mountain Dragon Phoenix Gorge


Taiwanese high mountain oolongs, or gao shan, are well known for their rich, complex aromas and flavors that last through multiple infusions. This spring lot hails from one of the most prestigious production areas in central Taiwan's Shan Lin Xi mountain range, a dynamic river valley known as Long Feng Xia, or Dragon Phoenix Gorge.

The dark emerald leaves are hand-harvested at elevations around 5,500 feet, and are allowed to  oxidize only slightly during processing. When brewed, the carefully shaped balls open with a intoxicating fragrance of vanilla and green mango. The aroma shifts with each steeping, a sweet, floral note arising that belies a savory flavor of dandelion greens and black pepper. This is an oolong to wallow in, with a smooth, lingering finish that pleasantly coats the mouth.

A wonderful choice for fans of Nantou Four Seasons oolong tea.

Country: Taiwan
Region: Nantou County
Tasting Notes: green mango, dandelion greens, black pepper
Year of Production: Spring 2019

2 oz

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