Bao Chong Roasted

Bao Chong Roasted


The Wenshan area of northern Taiwan is known for its cool, moist climate and rich soil, which have produced some of the finest Bao Chong oolong teas for the past 150 years. The very slightly oxidized leaves are carefully shaped into long, tight twists that release flavor through many infusions.

Unusually for a Bao Chong, this lot has been roasted, shifting the classic jade liquor color into a luminescent yellow gold. The rich charcoal aroma belies a light-bodied texture with balanced, sweet flavors of apricot and strawberry. Note the clean, deep caramel aroma in the empty cup. 

Fans of traditional Bao Chong, Tung Ting or roasted High Mountain oolongs will enjoy this tea—try steeping with water just off a boil, and infuse the leaves multiple times.

Country: Taiwan
Region: Taipei County
Tasting Notes: apricot, caramel, balanced
Year of Production: Summer 2017

2 oz

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