Bao Chong

Bao Chong


The Wenshan area of northern Taiwan is known for its cool, moist climate and rich soil, which have produced some of the finest Bao Chong oolong teas for the past 150 years. The first style of Taiwanese oolong made on a significant scale, these very slightly oxidized leaves are carefully shaped into long, tight twists. They release a rich, creamy flavor and silky texture through many infusions, as the classic jade liquor color deepens to a luminescent yellow gold.

The fragrance is intoxicating: lush floral notes of lily and orchid linger on the leaves and in the empty cup. Fans of Nantou or traditional High Mountain oolongs will enjoy this tea—try brewing with water just off a boil, and steep the leaves multiple times.

Country: Taiwan
Region: Taipei County
Tasting Notes: cream, lily, orchid
Year of Production: Winter 2018

2 oz

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