Unkaku Thick Tea Grade

Unkaku Thick Tea Grade

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Matcha is a special type of Japanese green tea: a precious, jewel-green powder stone ground from shaded, hand-picked, high-grade Japanese tea leaves. It is traditionally whisked with hot water in a bowl to make a rich, creamy drink.

Our producer, Marukyu-Koyamaen, first began production of tea in the Genroku period (1688–1704) in Ogura, Uji. Through subsequent generations, the quality of the tea increased, thus establishing the venerable tradition of Ujicha; by the eighth generation, the market had been extended to all of Japan. A standard of high quality, consistent from cultivation to the final product, was achieved, and the company—still family-owned—remains highly esteemed. Marukyu-Koyamaen now ranks among the foremost producers of matcha in Japan, and has won many national prizes.

This superior grade can be used for thin or thick style matcha; for thin, use ~2 g (2 chashaku scoops) matcha and 3 oz (1/3 cup) hot water (190°F) per serving, and whisk vigorously with a chasen for about 20 seconds. Experiment with the amount of water to find your favorite formula.

Country: Japan
Region: Uji
Tasting Notes: rich, creamy, vibrant
Year of Production: Spring 2019

20 g (about 10 servings)

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