Sencha Kabuse

Sencha Kabuse


Sencha is a style of green tea unique to Japan, which can be made from a variety of cultivars and with a few different techniques. This small lot hails from the Uji region, and the elegant, pine-green, needle-shaped leaves are both kabuse (covered before havest) and tezumi (hand picked)—two unusual processing steps—before being lightly steamed to halt oxidization.

When infused, a deep aroma of green apple and cilantro unfolds to a rich, grassy flavor with notes of bittersweet chocolate and artichoke. The lingering finish sweetens over time; brew with water well below boiling (~160° F) to maintain the tea’s inherent sweetness.

Country: Japan
Region: Uji
Tasting Notes: green apple, cilantro, artichoke
Year of Production: Spring 2019

2 oz

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