Dragonwell (Long Jing)

Dragonwell (Long Jing)


This classic Chinese green tea, famed as a tribute tea since the 8th century, hails from Lion Hill, near West Lake in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. True Dragonwell is still carefully picked and processed completely by hand only from this small regions. We were lucky to obtain a limited quantity, preferring it over the many lower-grade, non-traditional options available on the market. Picked before the Qingming festival, in the early spring, this is a rare treat.

Heralded for its jade-green color and flat-leaf appearance—which is a result of being hand-pressed in a wok—this small lot has a pleasant toasted oat aroma. A distinctive, fresh corn husk flavor opens to comforting notes of roasted grains with a silky finish, reminiscent of eating outside in the summer.

Country: China
Region: Zhejiang
Tasting Notes: silky, toasted oat, corn husk
Year of Production: Spring 2019

2 oz

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