Anhui Yellow

Anhui Yellow


Yellow tea was more common in China many years ago; due to its laborious processing, it lost popularity to more accessible green teas. 

These leaves, grown in Anhui Province in early May, are fired in a series of two woks at different temperatures, then gently hand-rolled. The final step is a slow drying — up to a few days — over charcoal heat, closely monitored to avoid burning. Unlike a green tea, it oxidizes slightly during this process, producing a distinctive, roasted yellow tea flavor. The pale liquor belies a complex yet delicate vegetal taste that lingers through many infusions.

An In Pursuit of Tea exclusive, and one we’re thrilled to have back in stock.

Country: China
Region: Anhui
Tasting Notes: floral, haricot vert, charcoal
Year of Production: Spring 2018

2 oz

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