Breakfast Black Tea Gift Set

Breakfast Black Tea Gift Set


Perfect for any occasion: the gift of tea!

These full-flavored, looseleaf black teas from India and China are a wonderful way to start the day, either sipped neat or with milk and a sweetener. The boxed set includes 4 oz each of smooth and malty Assam from Kachibari Village; sweet, woody Darjeeling 2nd Flush from the Goomtee Estate, and fruity, bright Ceylon Orange Pekoe from the Thotulagalla Estate in Sri Lanka.

Instead of a typical English Breakfast blend, taste the spectacular range of orthodox black teas—and the differences in production and terroir—with this collection.

Country: India, China
Tasting Notes: bold, rich, full
Year of Production: 2017-2018

4 oz (x 3)

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