Visiting Tea Master in NYC
to May 30

Visiting Tea Master in NYC

Experience an authentic Japanese tea ceremony this May.

From May 21–30, In Pursuit of Tea, Globus Washitsu, and Marukyu Koyamaen are sponsoring a tea master from Japan to visit New York and travel to several non-Japanese venues to whisk up bowls of traditional matcha for guests, as well as share knowledge about this storied drink. Join us for a chance to experience an authentic Japanese tea ceremony in the city: see more details on Facebook or contact us at

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Getting Funky: An Introduction to Pu-erh
1:30 PM13:30

Getting Funky: An Introduction to Pu-erh

  • 196 Elm Street Cambridge, MA, 02140 United States (map)
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Its flavors have been compared to mushrooms, leather and the barnyard: it's pu-erh, the fermented, often aged category of tea that hails from Yunnan Province. This unique style of Chinese tea is relatively unknown in the West, and it gains both complexity and mellowness over time.

In this hour and half class, join Sebastian Beckwith in Boston, as we taste through five distinct examples—learning how to best brew them along the way—and delve into the history and production techniques behind this intriguing tea.

BONUS: Pu-erh Tasting Exploration

Stick around after Saturday's session to explore more infusions of pu-erh. We will have the five teas from the class available, along with two other limited lot selections. A rare chance to enjoy an extended tasting of some of the world's most complex teas!

Location: 196 Elm St, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02140

Time: Saturday, September 30th, 1:30-2:30pm

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