Temi Estate 1st Flush

Temi Estate 1st Flush


The only tea made in India’s northern Sikkim state, this early spring pick is similar to a Darjeeling 1st Flush, with a spicy, crisp vegetable character. The rich, almost beefy flavor can be attributed to the rare T78 cultivar, which comprises this lot. Notes of ginger and nutmeg round out the cup.

The Temi Estate was established by the government in 1969, at elevations around 5,000 feet, with terrain akin to Darjeeling’s, and has been organic since 2005.

Try steeping with a light dose of leaf, and water just under boiling.

Country: India
Region: Sikkim
Tasting Notes: nutmeg, ginger, celery root
Year of Production: Spring 2018

2 oz

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