Red Cloud

Red Cloud


This black tea from Yunnan is made in the summer and fall from the same trees used to make pu-erh in the spring. Several hundred years old, these trees grow wild on Jingmai Mountain, and produce a large, mature leaf that is allowed to fully oxidize and then shaped into beautiful twists.

Try a quick rinse and then enjoy through many steeps, as the character changes markedly as the leaf unfurls. The flavor starts out light and woody, with a fragrance of prunes and dried stone fruit; bolder, full-bodied notes of hazelnut and wood ash and aromas of clove and forest floor develop through subsequent infusions. Despite the complex flavor, this tea alights on the palate.

Country: China
Region: Yunnan
Tasting Notes: clove, wood ash, hazelnut
Year of Production: Summer/Fall 2017

2 oz

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