Nepal Winter

Nepal Winter


The high-elevation garden of Jun Chiyabari, in Nepal, has been making unusual black teas since 2001. Bordered by China and India, orthodox tea production in the mountainous country is relatively new; this innovative, organic farm uses cultivars from nearby Darjeeling and processing techniques from Taiwan and Japan.

Here, winter harvests only take place in certain years—when the moisture content in the tea leaves is at a particular low level—like this lot from December 2018. After being hand picked, the leaves undergo a full wither and tight rolling, then are left to oxidize in a thick pile. The resulting toasted cocoa aroma, with deep fruity notes of cherry, apricot and rose, yield a lush black tea with a lingering aroma.

Country: Nepal
Region: Dhankuta
Tasting Notes: toasted cocoa, cherry, rose
Year of Production: Winter 2018

2 oz

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