Meghalaya LaKysriew Estate

Meghalaya LaKysriew Estate


This unusual Indian black tea is from Meghalaya, or "abode of the clouds"- a lush, forested region south of Assam and east of Darjeeling, known as one of the wettest places on earth.

Since 2002, the organic LaKyrsiew Estate has been producing this hand-picked and meticulously hand-processed tea. The twisted leaf, which when infused, ranges from deep olive to medium brown, looks similar to a Darjeeling 1st Flush and yields a complex woody and herbacious aroma. The light-bodied flavor unfolds to reveal layers of sugarcane and squash blossom with a hint of wintergreen.

Extremely limited lot—a must for any black tea lover!

Country: India
Region: Meghalaya
Tasting Notes: squash blossom, wintergreen, herbacious
Year of Production: Spring 2016

2 oz

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