Darjeeling 2nd Flush, Singell Estate

Darjeeling 2nd Flush, Singell Estate


Darjeelings are standouts in the black tea category, renown for their complex aromas and nuanced flavors. The flushes refer to the harvest: second flushes are the second picking of the plants, usually in late April or early May, and are processed to maximize oxidation of the leaves.

The Singell Estate, dating from 1860, sits at 5,000 feet elevation and is heralded for its heritage plants and organic cultivation. This tippy lot, an early morning pluck from china cultivar (Camellia sinensis var. sinensis) plants, was withered, gently rolled for an hour, then left to oxidize for three hours before a final baking. A bold yet balanced cup, with flavors of sweet orange and a heady passion fruit aroma, it offers a superlative taste of the region.

Country: India
Region: West Bengal
Tasting Notes: passion fruit, sweet orange, wood
Year of Production: Spring 2019

2 oz

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