Darjeeling 2nd Flush, Namring Upper Estate

Darjeeling 2nd Flush, Namring Upper Estate


The Namring Upper Estate is located in northern India’s Teesta Valley; in operation since 1855, it is one of the oldest tea estates in Darjeeling. This spring, we tasted many lots throughout the region and chose this one (EX 144) for its bright flavor and soft, round texture. The leaf is consistent, indicating careful production.

Second flush teas are the second harvest of the year, usually in May; the leaves are hand-plucked and processed to allow full oxidation. Darjeelings are a medium-bodied style of black tea, with captivating aromas. To fully savor the nuances, brew with water at a full boil, and with less leaf than other black teas.

Country: India
Region: West Bengal
Tasting Notes: bright, nutty, round
Year of Production: Spring 2019

4 oz

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