Darjeeling 1st Flush, Namring Upper Estate

Darjeeling 1st Flush, Namring Upper Estate


An iconic taste of the season, Darjeeling First Flush teas are eagerly awaited each spring. These light-bodied, intensely fragrant teas are produced in small quantities for only a few weeks, usually beginning in early April; only the new young buds and first leaves are harvested by hand, and they undergo a unique hard-wither process.

This lot is from Namring Upper Estate; established in 1855 at an elevation of 5,500 feet, it is one of the oldest gardens in Darjeeling. Comprised of classic China cultivar, the beautifully twisted leaf has colors ranging from lime green to deep brown. When infused, the green, sorrel aroma unfolds into a soft but complex cup, with notes of almond and cucumber skin.

Country: India
Region: West Bengal
Tasting Notes: sorrel, almond, cucumber
Year of Production: Spring 2018

2 oz

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