Assam, Kachibari Village

Assam, Kachibari Village

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As featured on NPR's Morning Edition!

This tea is from the Kachibari Village in northeastern India's Assam, one of the largest black tea production regions in the world. An unusual find from the area, this Assam highlights the passion of the producer, Tenzing, on his organic 7 1/2 acre farm: He has taken a lead in making tea without the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers. The hand-picked leaves have a fruity, full aroma; the sweet flavor is balanced, with notes of black currant, plum, and dried fruit.

Assam is one of the teas traditionally used in breakfast blends; try this single estate version to experience the nuanced taste of this lush region.

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Country: India
Region: Assam
Tasting Notes: black currant, dried fruit, bold
Production Date: Summer 2017

4 oz or 1 lb

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