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These are a selection of most popular tea and teaware sets that have the widest appeal, whether to start someone on a lifestyle of tea, or not sure what their favorite teas are. Perfect for the holidays or as hostess gifts. Gift wrapping available!
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Darjeeling Estate Set: Steinthal, Goomtee, Jungpana Japanese Green Tea Set: Sencha, Genmaicha, Hojicha Oolong Special Sampler: Phoenix Eight Immortals, Spring Fortune, Shui Xian Pu-erh Sampler Set: Pu-erh Leaf, Moon Cake Shu, Moon Cake Sheng
Darjeeling Estate Set | In Pursuit of Tea Japanese Green Tea Set | In Pursuit of Tea Oolong Special Sampler | In Pursuit of Tea Pu-erh Sampler Set | In Pursuit of Tea
The Superlative Tea Set: Anhui Yellow, Folk Art Bingcha, Spring Fortune, Darjeeling 1st Flush Mono Glass Cups Set Gaiwan and Tasting Cups Set White Gaiwan (4 oz)
The Superlative Tea Set | In Pursuit of Tea Gaiwan and Cup Set | In Pursuit of Tea
Green Crackle Tasting Cup Set Bamboo Tea Tray Tea Judging Tray Pu-erh Knife
Small Glass Pot Timolino Biner Mug - Magenta Red (12 oz) Side-Handle Glass Teapot - 10 oz. Glass Infuser - 13.5 oz.
Timolino Infuser Mug - Powder Blue (8.6 oz) Timolino Infuser Mug - Pastel Pink (8.6 oz) Timolino Large Infuser Mug - Lichen Green (12 oz) Timolino Large Infuser Mug - Silver (12 oz)
Spring Fortune (2 oz) Chawan (Matcha Bowl) - Yellow Side-Handle Japanese Teapot Chawan (Matcha Bowl) - Turquoise
Chawan, Matcha Bowl
Chaozhou Teapot (Pointed) Yixing Teapot (Squat with Brown String)