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Helping you set up the right tea program with ease and quality are our goals for a mutually beneficial, long term professional relationship. Our ongoing service and trend-setting tea program will set you apart from other establishments.

To get started, please contact us via email or phone for a quick consultation, or fill out the form below and fax it back to us. It is very helpful to learn the following about you, for example:
  • What kind of business: restaurant, cafe, teashop, retail store, or corporate office looking for in house tea service.
  • Are you currently serving tea and looking to upgrade, or are you a new business starting up a tea program? This is helpful to know so we can ascertain tea accessories you may need, such as hot water dispensers or teapots.
  • Do you want to have sit down tea service or to go service, or both?
If you are need help with any preliminary questions, we can determine those when you call us.

Once we have some idea about your tea program needs, we will provide a proposal outlining a selection of teas and prices. Many of our teas are seasonal and we can offer a seasonally adjusted menu. Let us create your tea menu! We can tailor a selection of teas for you based on your cuisine emphasis or other needs.

What we will provide once you signed up:
  • Menu descriptions for your chosen teas
  • Equipment, storage
  • Training for staff if geographically possible, if not, training guides or videos will be provided
We look forward to working with you.
Ready to Set Up Your Tea Program?

Email or call us at 866-878-3832.
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