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Common Consumer Questions

  •   What is the closest tea selection for English Breakfast or Irish Breakfast?
These European blends are now enjoyed through their original teas, such as Keemun, Assam, or Ceylon, all original bases that blends try to mimic through blending. Our teas are seasonal and farm direct, while blending teas produce consistency and generically same tastes year after year, without specific references to their places of origin. Original true teas are much higher quality than blends.

  • Can I add cream and sugar to my tea?
We encourage you to taste the tea on its own first; fine, artisanal teas offer complexity and richness without the astringency that many lower grade teas have.  Black teas generally have the strength and tannins to balance the fat of the milk if that's how you prefer to drink your tea. Many teas are oversteeped, which make them astringent and so best covered up by adding cream and sugar. 

  •  Do all teas have caffeine?
Real teas have caffeine. Whole leaf teas tend to impart less caffeine to the cup, while broken leaves (usually in tea bags)  tend to impart more. If you are caffeine sensitive, please order herbal infusions.