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How to Choose a Suitable Program

  • Tea service seems complicated and fussy, should we stick with teabags?
Loose tea service allows for a full range of teas, particularly for premium, artisanal teas, that are not available in teabag selection.  Loose tea service is very simple and requires few equipment; our training programs will make steeping and serving convenient and efficient. Using teapots and infuser baskets to steep tea is also environmentally conscious; teabags, particularly the poly silken types, are rarely biodegradeable and add to landfill.

  •  My customers only ask for basic blended or scented teas, how can we improve our tea program without intimidating our customers?
Customers look to your establishment to be their tastemaker  and introduce new taste experiences to their palate. They look to you to help them improve their horizons in the realm of not only cuisine and service, but in your selection of beverages such as wine and beer as well. Tea is a fine beverage that, like coffee, the consumer similarly looks to your guidance to experience.

  •  How many teas or herbals should I choose for my menu?
There is no particular formula for how many teas or herbals to choose, that’s why we offer seasonally changing menus so that your customers are always experiencing the freshest or most appropriate teas. There are 5 main categories of teas, and most establishments include one tea from each category for a full range experience: white, green, oolong, black, and pu-erh.  Additionally, most would include 2 or so herbals or flower tisanes. We can guide you with putting together your menu selection.