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  • Why are you providing loose teas instead of tea bags?
Brewing loose tea provides better flavor and less impact on the environment, requiring
no additional resources to produce paper or nylon bags.
 More seasonal choices and
flexibility are available for a restaurant, not being restricted to the limited tea bag selection.

Consumers are demanding quality tea and tea service at a higher level than the inferior blends found in most tea bags.
 Tea bags are in the realm of the fast food industry verses loose teas which are served at fine dining establishments.

  • What is the criteria for your tea selection?
We offer non-adulterated, editorial, hand-selected pure teas resulting from extensive travels and sourcing that we commit enormous resources to each year.  We place a high value on the region, terroir, quality of the tea, and the skill of the farmer. Therefore, what we select is the best representation of the particular tea from its source region. Sophisticated consumers will value the effort you placed on your tea offering, and entry level consumers will respect your attempts to be their tastemaker.

  • How can we discern the difference between your brand of teas vs other brands?
Your establishment already knows the difference between real quality vs. just brand recognition. You provide the best cheeses, olive oils, etc.  Exhibit your discerning ability in distinguishing what is truly exceptional tea to your clientele. We invite you to cup our teas side by side to understand the difference.