Silver Needle Yinzhen Bai Hao (2 oz)
WC055 - Yinzhen Silver Needle
The rarest and most spectacular of the white teas is Yinzhen Silver Needle. Early in the spring, the individual leaf buds are picked and carefully handcrafted into this noteworthy tea. Infuse in a glass to enjoy the dance of the leaf bud spears, now green. Each bud is covered with white downy hair and the tea is known for its buttery, nutty flavor. Packed with antioxidants and low in caffeine - a very healthy tea. This is our highest grade, and was grown near Fuding, in northern Fujian.

Country: China
Region: Fujian Province
Tasting Notes: Sweet, cream, almond
Year of Production: Spring 2013

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White teas

How to Brew White Teas

White tea is best brewed with warm water ranging from 170-185 F. One way to achieve this temperature is to carefully remove the top to your kettle: look for tiny bubbles forming on the heating element or rising from the bottom. Generally these teas are extremely lightweight, so be sure to add enough leaf to the cup or pot. Try a long first steep, 3 to 4 minutes; add more time for subsequent steeps. This extended time is necessary to allow the leaves enclosing the bud to open up and release their flavor to the cup.

White teas are perfect to enjoy in the evening after a light dinner. Avoid drinking them after eating spicy foods, as much of their delicacy will be lost. They are also an alternative for people who are interested in the health benefits of green teas, but find their characteristic vegetal taste too strong for their palate.
  • Start with your favorite spring or filtered water. Heat the water to about 180 F, which is when the steam curls out of the kettle. (Or let the water cool from a boil.)
  • Use 2 heaping tablespoons (3 grams) of tea per 6 oz serving.
  • Steep for 1-2 minutes. Remove the leaves when ready -- rely on taste, not color. Use a large enough strainer basket to allow the leaves to open and release their flavor. Get to know the tea by playing with the amount of leaf, the water temperature, and steeping time. Re-steep to make another cup!
  • For more about brewing tea, visit our Brewing Notes page.

Mono Filio Teapot - 20 oz

Mono Filio Teapot - 20 oz

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