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Teas from Taiwan

Taiwan makes a range of handcrafted oolongs in a different style than the Chinese oolongs. They are light and green and fragrant as well as more oxidized, darker and almost as full of flavor as a black tea. The high quality teas are sought after by tea aficionados all over the world.

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Bamboo Tea Tray

Ginseng Aged Oolong (2 oz)

An aged Taiwanese oolong, with a velvety balance of thick, sweet, and piney notes.
High Mountain Gui Fei (2 oz)

This Taiwanese oolong, grown and made on Shan Lin Xi, is bitten by tiny leaf hopper bugs.
High Mountain Shan Lin Xi (2 oz)

This famous Taiwanese oolong, grown and made on Shan Lin Xi, is beautifully balanced between light roasted notes and an evergreen sweetness.
Nantou Four Seasons Oolong | In Pursuit of Tea
Nantou Four Seasons (4 oz)

Grown in the mountains of central Taiwan, this lightly oxidized oolong has a lingering sweetness and lilac aroma. This superb lot holds up well to multiple infusions.
Spring Fortune (2 oz)

An exquisite oolong: a rich aroma of pineapple and cherry yields a sweet, clear flavor. Limited lot.
Tea Judging Tray

Tung Ting (2 oz)

This famous Taiwanese oolong is beautifully balanced with light roasted notes and a vegetal sweetness.
Wenshan Bao Chong | In Pursuit of Tea
Wenshan Bao Chong (2 oz)

Bao Chong is a famous tea from Taiwan with an intense floral aroma and light, sweet taste that lingers through many infusions.
White Gaiwan (4 oz)

A  simple white gaiwan made of fine porcelain, perfect for one person or gongfu cha service.
Wood Dragon Oolong | In Pursuit of Tea
Wood Dragon (4 oz)

Made from the stems of a Tawainese oolong tea, this is a popular choice as it is low in caffeine but with the warm roasted, rich flavor associated with oolongs.