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Tea Farming and Production

From small farm hand processing to commercial scale.

Leaf Hoppers are Essential for Good Tea
Two teas get help by plant eating insects
Two great but very different teas grown in India and Taiwan are linked to a very tiny plant-eating insect called the leafhopper. Darjeeling Second Flush and Oriental Beauty
Lapsang Souchong and Other High-Fired Teas
We recently sourced from Fujian Province, a wonderful example of what true Lapsang Souchong is. Here we describe the history of this classic tea and introduce you to other high-fired teas that we carry.
Pu-erh Teas
Famous for the strength of flavor, pu-erh tea is for the adventurous tea drinker. These teas have been made for centuries in Yunnan Province, China. Pu-erh tea is often pressed or molded into bricks or cakes, making them great for easy transportation, in the old days, by caravan.
Tea Classification Terms
Here are some of the meanings and origins of tea classification terms. These terms can be confusing to the uninitiated as they often have no intuitive relationship to what they mean.
Tieguanyin Oolong
Oolong ("black dragon") teas have long been considered the most comple, and the most prized tea in China and Taiwan. And among all oolongs, Tieguanyin is by far the most famous
The Bland Blend
The tea blend is the basis of the Western tea expert's skill, with the sole object of maintaining a standard and uniform taste dictated by the marketplace.
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