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Blessed Forever Banzhai Bingcha (380 g) Blessed Forever Daxue Bingcha (380 g) Tsunami Banzhai Bingcha (380 g) Folk Art Bingcha (380 g)
Blessed Forever Banzhai | In Pursuit of Tea Daxue "Blessed Forever" | In Pursuit of Tea PCT21 - Banzhai Tsunami Bingcha | In Pursuit of Tea Folk Art Bingcha | In Pursuit of Tea
Shu (Black) Pu-erh Loose Leaf (4 oz) Wild Pu-erh (2 oz) Pu-erh Sampler Set: Pu-erh Leaf, Moon Cake Shu, Moon Cake Sheng Tea Samples
Shu (Black) Pu-erh Loose Leaf | In Pursuit of Tea PC0040 - Wild Pu-erh | In Pursuit of Tea Pu-erh Sampler Set | In Pursuit of Tea TS001 - Tea Samples
Moon Cake Shu (55 g) Moon Cake Sheng (55 g) Xia Guan Sheng Bingcha (380 g) Pu-erh Knife
Pu-erh [POO-urr] tea comes from the Yunnan Province in southern China. It is fermented after processing and then aged. This is the only tea which is intentionally aged - the others are always better fresh. The aged tea, often formed into bricks or cakes of different shapes and sizes, tends to get smoother and richer with age. Rare pu-erhs can be 30 years old. Chinese and French studies have documented many health benefits associated with this tea.

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