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For U.S. consumers buying good tea is difficult, and great teas are still a rarity. Sebastian Beckwith and friends built In Pursuit of Tea to explore remote areas and supply the finest teas available, some of which seldom leave the country in which they are grown. The art of growing tea has developed over centuries, and as with great wines it has been handed down through generations and varies according to region. Each year, we and our suppliers spend time in each of the finest tea-growing regions in order to understand that year's tea characteristics and to bring you the best.

Our loose-leaf teas are crafted with great care, most of them by hand. We buy full leaf and organically grown teas when possible, often purchased from small farms or collectives.


Our focus is finding loose-leaf teas that are to be enjoyed for their natural flavors and aromas. We find these great teas and secure them before they are blended with inferior quality lots. The tea farmers who supply us draw from centuries of tradition to offer you a unique experience. Each tea contains, within its leaves, the promise of a new journey, full of wonder and peace.



We pack our teas in high-quality, resealable bags: these protect the leaves from degradation by light, moisture, odors and oxidation, and have a low impact on the environment. Even when properly stored, however, the freshness and flavor of good tea will naturally decrease over time (with pu-erh and other intentionally aged teas a notable exception). The best solution is to purchase fresh teas, in reasonable amounts, from a reputable tea merchant.

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